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Peamutt Butter Biscuits


This One Wont Stick To The "Woof" Of Your Dog's Mouth!

Made these to celebrate St. Patrick's Day...

We were testing new recipes. Did not have much time to bake so just did them quickly. All of our clients who tested these tasty treats gave us a 2 paws up!


We can ship them or do hand delivery if you are locally in our area




For large biscuits: $8 for one dozen, $14 for two dozen, $20 for three dozen.


For smaller biscuit: $6 for one dozen, $11 for two dozen and $15 for three dozen


If you want more than 3 dozen let us know.




- Peanut Butter


- Vegetable Oil


- Oatmeal


-Whole Wheat Flour

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