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Dog Walking Services

Dog Walks:

If you work long hours, or are home and unable to walk you're dog(s), we can give your dog(s) the exercise they are missing.  Dogs need mental, physical and emotional stimulation for their well being and a walk around the neighborhood or playing with our dogs in you're yard can fulfill that need for stimulation. Our walks are normally in you're neighborhood, or at a local park if you have one nearby, they will get to see other dogs and explore. If the weather is hot, we will carry water and try to stay in a shady part of the neighborhood and take the breaks they need so they don't overheat. In the summer, we try to walk either early in the morning or later on, unless there is a time constraint. If you have multiple pets and they can go on the same walk, our prices are for the first dog, we do have a small fee for extra dogs.

Our walks range from 20 minutes to 30 minutes to 45 minutes or an hour. If you want or need a shorter walk, we can accommodate that too.

We provide our own biodegradable and environmentally friendly poop bags for each walk unless you have your own. We also can bring our own different harnesses or leashes if we find something that works for your pets if you do not have them.

Prices: more on Rates page

20 minutes- $20/walk

30 minutes- $25/walk

45 minutes- $30/walk

60 minutes- $35/walk

Dog Runs:

We offer dog runs by an elite marathon runner, depending on your dogs ability, dog runs start at 15 minutes and can go as long as your dog can keep up for. We run at your dogs pace, we want them to keep a similar tempo throughout. We work with them to run right alongside us. 

Prices: more on Rates page

15 minutes- $25

30 minutes- $30

45 minutes-$35

60 minutes- $45

Dog Park Visit:

If you're dog(s) love to socialize and meet new friends then the dog park may be the answer. We will take your dogs to a local dog park so they can run freely, play and interact with multiple dogs at a time. We take our dogs in the mornings and have never run into issues with other dogs.

Prices: more on Rates page

$35 for 1 hour that we are at the park...includes driving

*we can stay there longer... Prices upon request for longer periods of time


We offer hikes to any dog that likes to explore. We can go by ourselves or make new friends and go with a few other people so your dogs can explore with our friends dogs. We find the closest trail for climbing. Hikes provide great and healthy exercise for your dog's heart, lungs, joints, and muscles. It leaves your dog tired but happy and satisfied for the day.

In the heat, we try to hike on the early side and take treats and plenty of water so your pup is happy and hydrated throughout the whole trip.

Prices: more on Rates page

1 hour- $45

2 hour- $55

Hikes can be longer. Prices upon request