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Dog Walking, Pet/House Sitting and More 

         Leah                                                   Lisa                        

Leah is a Pre-Veterinary student at a local college. In March 2017 will be starting to attend dog training school. She also rides and trains horses in dressage. Has shown to third level dressage and has also jumped and done trails. Also has experience riding three year olds as well. She has experience with large breed dogs: Dobermans, Great Danes, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, etc. She works with those dogs on a weekly basis, either letting the three Dobermans out of the crates in the middle of the day for potty breaks and play time while their owners are at work. Walking the Great Danes three times a week to teach the younger one manners on walks. Playing and socializing the pocket Pit Bull on walks. Exercising the very energetic 10 year old German Shepherd, and just playing with other dogs.

Lisa just recently finished raising a golden retriever puppy. She worked with him when he was 8 weeks old: potty training him, teaching him manners, boundaries, tricks, walking skills, etc. She spent all day, 5 days a week being with him throughout the whole summer. When she is not working with kids at schools, she is working with dogs on walks. She has a calm demeanor and can walk just about anything. Likes spending her morning and afternoon walks with a shitzu named Cookie 7 days a week.

Izzy is very athletic. He races a mile in 4 minutes, a 5k in 14 minutes and a 10k in 29 minutes. Right now he is training for half marathons and marathons and just ran a half in one hour and five minutes and he was practically jogging the second half. He qualified for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. If you're dog likes to run or needs to get into better shape, Izzy can run with them. He does run slower when he's just doing his daily runs, he is not always in race mode. He will run at the pace that is smart for you're dog, he is smart at determining whether or not the dogs can handle the work. 

This is Samantha. We rescued her from the shelter in 2013. She is now four years old, she is a chinook, and approximately 45 pounds.

She loves hikes, long walks on the beach, and short runs. She is also good to stay home and sleep all day out in the sun... She makes friends quickly. She likes a good game of tug-of-war.

This is Stetson. We rescued him November 2015, and he just turned two in the middle of the December. He is a Dutch Shepherd, and approximately 56 pounds.

He is excelling in agility and we have been at it for almost a year now. He loves long runs, hikes, and visits to the dog park. He loves anything that involves playing and enjoying life. He is very dog friendly and loves to make new friends... will play ball with just about anyone.

This is Spartan. Rescued mid 2016 from the shelter. He was abused in his previous family and has come a long way in terms of recovering. He just turned 3 and he is a border collie (and probably shepherd) mix. He is just starting out his agility career. He is dog friendly... finally likes to play but still a little unsure about getting pats from strangers.
This is Scarlet. Rescued late 2016 with her three puppies. The three puppies are adopted and doing great and Scarlet became a foster fail. She is somewhere between 1 and 2 and is a purebred German Shepherd. Very playful and likes meeting new dogs. Loves to entertain herself and run laps in the backyard.