Paws Claws N Hooves

Dog Walking, Pet/House Sitting and More 

Other Services Include:

Doggie Daycare   ***Not currently accepting Daycare clients***

We also offer doggie daycare when space is available. Drop off time is around 730 AM and pickup time is 730 PM. Special arrangements may be able to be made but the price is the same for the 12 hour day. During daycare we will have some fun outside in the yard, maybe play with the tennis balls or ropes, or we could pull out our agility equipment for those inclined to work their brains or they can lie in the sun and enjoy the weather outside. It will include 1 walk during the time in Doggie Daycare.

Price: $30.00 per dog

Basic Training

We have a background in training our own dogs, and worked with a trainer in the area. We can teach some fun tricks, manners on the leash and basic socialization.

Fun tricks like: rearing up(back legs stay on the ground and front legs up, rearing like a horse) shake with both paws signaled with both hands, high five with both paws, "sit pretty" which is shown in the picture, learning how to pray (which is just a sit pretty but putting their heads down in between their paws in the air), lying down, dropping, crawling, come, stay, etc.

We teach loose leash walking and we have harnesses that help. We have used the Thunder Leash, the Easy Walker, the Halti and others.

Our dog, Samantha, makes friends with all dogs we have worked with, so we can use her to get your new dog or puppy socialized. She is the perfect co-trainer!

Prices: $25 per half hour and $40 per hour, rates may change on a client to client basis.

We do offer simple baths while your pets are in our care for overnights. It is just a simple scrub with shampoo and conditioner and then a brushing when they dry, this way you come home to a nice smelling pup. We have specialty shampoo and conditioner for itchy dogs as well. 


small dogs (1-19 pounds)- $15
medium dogs (20-49 pounds)- $20
large dogs (50-79 pounds)- $25
XL dogs (80+ pounds)- $30

Feeding, Administering Shots, Oral Medications

Does your dog need their medications or a feeding and you are not going to be home in time to give it to them. We can stop by and feed and administer a shot to them or if its an oral medication we can give that too. We want your dog to be able to stay on its schedule as much as possible, so if there's a time that you're dog needs their meds or food we can go and give it to them.

We can give them oral meds, injections, and feedings... and treats of course!

Taxi Cab

Does your dog need to go to the groomer or to the vet and you are at work and unable to take them? Well, we can pick your dog up and drive them to their vet appointment. If it is a quick visit we will wait for them or if they are getting dropped off for the day we will leave them and can pick them up when they are done if you are unable to get them. Or we can take them to the groomers so that when you come home they will be shiny and smelling clean!