Paws Claws N Hooves

Dog Walking, Pet/House Sitting and More 


Rates are subject to change depending on types of animals, quantity, and location. More information on our website: For an exact quote please feel free to contact us with all your information.

These are non-holiday rates. We are willing to work the holidays but there is an extra fee per day. Holidays include but are not limited to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day...

Dog Walks: There is a small extra fee for multiple dogs.

20 minutes: $20.00/walk, $25.00/run

30 minutes: $25.00/walk, $30.00/run

45 minutes: $30.00/walk, $35.00/run
60 minutes: $35.00/walk, $40.00/run

House Sitting/Boarding: This rate is for the first dog. $20 for each additional dog.

Your House: starting at $60.00 per 24 hour period

My House: $50.00 per 24 hour period *Not currently accepting boarding*

Daycare: *Not currently accepting any clients*

$30.00 per dog.

Drop off: 7:30 AM     Special arrangements can be made for different drop off or pick up times

Pick up: 7:30 PM

Drop In Visits:

3 visits: $50.00-$60.00 depending on location

15 minutes: $10.00 per visit (can be used for a quick potty break, litter box cleaning, or even an extra quick visit)

30 minutes: $15.00 per visit

45 minutes: $20.00 per visit

60 minutes: $25.00 per visit


30 minutes: $25.00

60 minutes: $35.00

Pack Dog Hikes:

1 hour: $40.00

2 hours: $45.00

3 hours: $50.00


Small dog (1-20 pounds)- $10.00

Medium dog (21-49 pounds)- $15.00

Large dog (5o-79 pounds)- $20.00

Extra large dog (80+ pounds)- $30.00

Dog Park Visits:

$25.00 for one hour- Longer stays are available

Taxi Cab:

To Vet: $15.00 + $0.50 per mile traveled

To Groomers: $10.00 + $0.50 per mile traveled